Netsuite Business Intelligence Tools

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Netsuite Business Intelligence Tools – This quick 30-minute webinar will introduce important business intelligence features for NetSuite ERP newcomers, such as:

The purpose of business intelligence is to support better business decisions and refers to the technologies, applications and procedures for collecting, integrating and analyzing business information.

Netsuite Business Intelligence Tools

While reporting shows you what has happened so far, business intelligence shows you why things happened and how to improve business performance in the future. Using multiple data sources, BI enables you to discover data relationships you didn’t even know existed and uncover new business opportunities.

What Is Gurus Business Intelligence For Oracle Netsuite Erp?

To best understand whether or not business intelligence is right for your business, check out the model below from TDWI, a leader in BI and data warehousing.

By determining where they are on the curve, organizations can see where they are in terms of reporting and analytics. For example, organizations that are just starting out will focus more on reactive reporting: they understand the need for reporting, know the value it brings, and analyze it daily.

On the other hand, the more mature the organization, the more in-depth reporting analysis is required, as it manages operations in multiple systems. Most organizations are somewhere between “baby” or “baby” in the model, where there is a lot of ad hoc reporting and therefore a higher need for BI analytics.

Once you’ve determined your organization’s business maturity, you can move on to step 2, which is about measuring your cultural maturity. In other words, looking at BI reporting and analytics as a technology.

Erp Business Intelligence

This is where you level up and fall into the “adult” or “sage” stage. BI is part of your business culture with established governance.

The two lines on the model show the cross section between price and value. If you’re not there yet and don’t have a reporting system in place, BI is not the place to start. Your organization must have some sense of growth to understand the value of BI technology.

It is important to know that this “maturity scale” does not depend on the size of your organization. In fact, even smaller organizations see the importance of BI. You don’t need to be a large corporation to understand the true value of business intelligence.

GURUS Business Intelligence is a technology solution designed specifically for the NetSuite world. After 16 years of experience in the industry, the team at GURUS took the NetSuite data schema and built a very powerful data model so that the end user could easily create reports for their organization.

Business Central Vs. Netsuite: Which Software Is Right For Your Business?

With GURUS BI, you’ll have the ultimate analytics power built exclusively for NetSuite customers. The raw data tables from NetSuite together with our own proprietary connector pull all the data and reports into the data warehouse, Google BigQuery.

Our NetSuite data model is proprietary and part of the solution provided by Google Data Studio, a visualization tool that is part of the Google suite and comes free. It comes out of the box and gives you templates where you also have the ability to take information and put it back into NetSuite.

Data Studio is a powerful system that gives users access to dynamic visualization tools like pie charts and diagrams, all on a customizable dashboard.

Users will also have access to drill down on the timeline. To create a time series, you can filter information to identify data sources, records, and transactions for strategic decision making.

How To Connect Netsuite To Power Bi?

These transactions are fully embedded in your NetSuite environment where you can click on any of the hyperlinks to get to the actual record or transaction directly within NetSuite.

Another area of ​​interest is the limitations of stored searches that support large volumes of data. Quickly generate large volumes of data sets in a visualization table and/or graph, regardless of joins, filters or number of records.

Every business is unique and requires a certain degree of adaptability and flexibility. Within GURUS BI, you have Power BI, which is connected to our NetSuite data model within BigQuery.

In addition, there is Tableau, which provides even more options in terms of connecting the system to the necessary data.

An In Depth Analysis Of Oracle Netsuite Vs Sap Business One

As seen below, the GURUS BI dashboard is designed to support embedded URLs of reports generated from most visualization tools.

All reports and dashboards in your NetSuite environment are permission based, but today we have an entire area within the application when you install the package. And then you can have a list of all your reports that you’ve built into your customizer. In this case, within Google Data Studio.

All you have to do is enter the URL of the points in this report as well as embed the URL, which is a standard feature and most visualization tools on the market allow you to expose these reports directly within NetSuite.

The reporting tool is designed with drag and drop features that support the metrics concepts mentioned above to get your own calculated columns.

What Is Netsuite

GURUS Data Studio (GDS) turns your data into informative, easy-to-read, easy-to-share, configurable dashboards and reports. With GDS, you can easily create reports of data from a wide variety of sources.

When it comes to NetSuite, there are a few things a business should think about when implementing a new BI tool to get the most out of their business intelligence.

Instead of pulling information from saved searches and putting it into a spreadsheet or other tool and trying to massage it to get better results with the data, you can use BI to address specific areas in a much more enjoyable way.

Flexible data visualization allows users to view data in a variety of formats, such as a pie chart, bar chart, or table. That being said, with GEO maps you might consider using a bubble diagram. The possibilities abound in BI.

Netsuite Vs Sap: Erp Comparison

The most important and key need for business intelligence involves companies with large volumes of data. You may find that your system cannot handle huge amounts or is severely limited. A data warehouse is definitely a place you want to look at and evaluate your needs to see if they can be addressed through this system.

One thing is for sure, BI is becoming less of a treat and more of a necessity for organizations. Access all ERP data using the data warehouse directly in pre-built NetSuite report templates

With Business Intelligence for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS, you’ll be able to solve the critical data problems your organization may face. Here are some of the top issues we’ve heard from our clients that are solved with our NetSuite Business Intelligence tool:

Multiple saved searches are often required to retrieve all the data for reporting, resulting in limited consolidation and ease of reporting access. Additionally, there are timeout performance issues in NetSuite with complex and large datasets. These issues, along with other challenges that come with NetSuite, can be easily solved with Business Intelligence for NetSuite powered by GURUS.

Netsuite Business Intelligence Takes Over Latin America

Although NetSuite has good data visualization capabilities, these are often quite limited for most organizations. With Business Intelligence for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS, you will have more options to take your organization’s reporting to the next level.

Although we are limited to the level and performance of the Netsuite instance used (which can be expensive to scale), with our business intelligence tool we can leverage data warehouses to provide high-performance data access to process large data sets efficiently and quickly. .

Powered by GURUS, the Business Intelligence Data Model for NetSuite has 1000’s of R&D hours invested in optimizing NetSuite’s data schema for better reporting.

Business Intelligence for NetSuite, powered by GURUS, licenses the site to share dashboards and reports to NetSuite users and non-NetSuite users such as suppliers, customers and partners. Let’s take a moment to look at the term “business intelligence” and clear up some misconceptions before moving forward. As I wrote in another article and as I explain it to customers, Business Intelligence is not “Reporting on Steroids”. When we hear this, we hear a definite term coined by popular business culture. However, it does not serve to give you a true picture of what BI actually means.

Netsuite Business Management Solution

“Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses the strategies and technologies used by businesses for data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive insights into business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies include reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, dashboard development, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, enterprise performance management, benchmarking, text mining, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

While this definition is technically accurate, let’s simplify it and put it into context. The business intelligence solution is intended to provide the user with a flexible platform for processing, accessing and visualizing large amounts of data from multiple systems. “Business intelligence” in this context is an umbrella term for the “hard things” that companies want to achieve in their business systems. These demanding activities are ultimately aimed at enabling forecasting and predictive analysis. Individual systems will fall behind in these complex areas, which companies are beginning to address

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