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Business Intelligence Control Panel Tool – Do more with less, use end-to-end BI platforms to create a single source of real-world information, explore more powerful insights, and translate them into impact.

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Business Intelligence Control Panel Tool

Find out why Microsoft was named a leader in the April 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant ™ for smart analytics and trading platforms.

Top 10 Data Governance Tools For 2021

Reduce costs, add complexity and security risks of multiple solutions with scalable analytics platforms from individuals to organizations as a whole.

Discover and share meaningful insights with hundreds of data visualization AI capabilities that come with a rigorous Excel integration and pre-built and custom data connectors.

Swiggy, India’s leading food ordering and distribution platform, implements Power BI for tracking real-time measurements across their fast-growing businesses that allow data-driven decision making.

The fairlife dairy company has reduced the time it takes to generate critical metrics reports from nearly seven hours to almost instantaneous, using a single source of facts with up-to-date data.

Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding

Hendrick Motorsports used Power BI to generate pit results reports within minutes of the race, instead of waiting up to two days for their timely feedback.

Professional service company Grant Thornton has created a portal for customers to view Power BI content using Azure Active Directory B2C, so their customers now have secure access to self-service financial literacy.

PwC uses Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics to create customizable reports and analytics solutions, saving customers time and computer resources and providing in-depth insights.

Microsoft is ranked highest for performance and far-reaching for vision fulfillment in the April 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant ™ for smart analytics and trading platforms.

Top 15 Bi Tools

Find out how businesses drive revenue, cost savings and productivity in the Total Economic Impact ការសិក្សា study by Microsoft PowerBI conducted by Forrester Consulting.

“It allows you to make our important decisions out of the grass, giving them the metrics they need to get their work done and not having to argue with the data to get answers. Interaction flexibility. … Just jump in. “

“I enjoy unlocking things with data from people they never knew. “Power BI has given us the ability to easily view our data and automate many setups and reports.”

“Power BI enables me to run faster and implement faster, create robust and scalable solutions for a wide range of industries.”

Dashboard & Reporting Software

“It’s really quick for people with little experience or technical background to pick up the tools and start creating things that change the way they do their own work.”

Build powerful end-to-end business solutions by connecting PowerAutomate through Microsoft PowerPlatform — and to Microsoft365, Dynamics365, Azure, and hundreds of other applications – to drive innovation across your entire organization.

Build apps in hours, not months, easily connect to data, use expressions like Excel to add logic and run on iOS and Android devices.

Integrate powerful automation processes directly into your applications with a code-free approach that connects to hundreds of popular applications and services.

Digital Dashboard: Definition And 15 Key Examples

Create and launch custom low-cost business websites quickly – consolidate your data and connect customers to important information and services.

Connect and analyze your entire data assets by integrating Power BI with Azure Analysis Services, including Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Storage. Analyze petabytes data using advanced AI capabilities, implement additional data protection and share insights across your organization.

Discover useful tips and advice from the Power BI team by connecting with members of the Power BI community around the world.

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What Is Business Intelligence (bi)?

Start immediately. Access self-service analytics to see and share insights for $ 13.70 per user per month.

There is currently no Microsoft representative for your country or region. We invite you to contact a partner for PowerBl trial assistance or to provide a PowerBIPro license to get started.

Get access to self-service analytics to imagine and share insights with the Power BI Pro license for $ 13.70 per user per month. This chapter describes how to get started with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and explains how to log in and out of Oracle BI EE. It also describes the global header homepage, how to act for others, how to set preferences, and how Oracle BI EE interacts with other products.

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (sometimes called Oracle Business Intelligence) provides complete business intelligence capabilities that allow you to:

Top Business Intelligence (bi) Tools 2022

The image shows a section of the dashboard, for example, showing organizational data in an easy-to-understand format (cells, tables, graphs, and more).

These parts of Oracle BI EE (that is, analytics, dashboard agents, etc.) are sometimes referred to as presentation services.

You use the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog to store things like analytics, dashboards, and KPIs that you and other users create using Oracle BI EE.

Users have their own folder (My Folders) where they can save the stuff they create. You can access objects in a personal folder and save the contents to that folder. Users can add subfolders to their personal folders to organize their content in the way that makes the most sense to them.

Creating An Express Report

You can also save objects in shared folders where other users or groups have access to them. The combination of business logic security, catalog object security, and data level security determines who can view data and objects, edit objects, and delete objects from the catalog. Your administrator creates and maintains a shared directory structure of the catalog.

See Oracle BI Presentation Catalog What is it? Managing objects in the Oracle BI presentation catalog and configuring and managing the Oracle BI presentation catalog in the system administrator guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

To access Oracle BI EE, you can use the URL, user ID, and password provided by your organization. Make sure your web browser is set to accept cookies to track accessed sessions.

You may not be prompted to enter values ​​in all fields of the login page if you are already registered with Single Sign In (SSO).

Google Analytics Dashboards

After logging in to Oracle BI EE you are presented with one of the following pages, depending on what is configured for you:

This page is your starting point for working in Oracle BI EE. You can find analytics dashboards and other things you frequently visit on the homepage. If you can not find what you are looking for then just enter the name of the item in the search box at the top of the page. Or click on the catalog link to browse all available content. As you work, you can use global headers and homepages as the primary way to navigate Oracle BI EE:

After you have entered the starting point of the task, the interface then presents you with a dialog page or editor that you use to perform the task.

Do not use the Internet Explorer Back button to browse Oracle BI EE unless there is no other browsing method available. Back button The browser may not maintain the status of the dashboard when returning. Breadcrumbs are the recommended navigation method. See about browsing with Breadcrumbs.

Insurance Dashboard Design: Kpis, Analytics & Examples

The home page is divided into sections that allow you to start a specific task or locate an object. It also includes sections (recent examples and preferences) that allow you to access items that you have recently viewed, created or updated, and items that are most frequently accessed by the assigned user. The group you belong to.

Depending on what is set as your start page, you may be presented with a homepage when you log in to Oracle BI EE.

Otherwise, you can always navigate to the homepage by clicking on the homepage link in the global header. For information about global headers, see What is the Oracle BI EE Global Header?

The new homepage provides an easy way to work with Data Visualization (DV) projects, analytics, and dashboards.

Best Reporting Tools & Software Of 2023

The new homepage includes many functions, including BI Ask, which allows you to search, browse, or create visuals, analytics, and dashboards.

You can toggle from the new Home page to the OBI Classic page by clicking Enable OBI Classic. Use the OBI Classic page to create other items such as notifications, boosts, and BIP reports.

The data source contains the data you use to create DV analysis and projects. Data sources can be topics or data sets. You can create a data set by uploading an Excel file or by creating a connection to Oracle BI or to a database. See Workflow for adding data sources.

The display area provides several categories to help you quickly locate, analyze dashboards and DV projects stored in the catalog. Use the My Files or Shared Folders to browse the catalog. Or click on Preferences, Recent, DV Projects, Dashboard, or Category Analysis to locate recently viewed items or a specific item by category.

What Is Business Intelligence (bi)?

You can use keywords to search for items in the catalog. Type a search term in the content search or visual field

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